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by Paul Douglas Boyer

About the MMM

Hi, I’m Paul Boyer. Paul BoyerWelcome to the all-new Mad Money Machine, now focused on all things Bitcoin! Each week I will bring you segments such as Guru Roulette, Market Minute, and Bitcoin Tool of the Week. I’ll also answer questions you may have regarding Bitcoin. Send your questions to me at bitcoin AT and I’ll try to answer them on the podcast or in the blog.

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Some Show Segments:

Guru Roulette : I’ve replaced the numbers on a roulette wheel with the names of bitcoin gurus. When their name comes up, I’ll give you a little background on their bitcoin philosophy.

Market Minute: A quick update on the weekly change in bitcoin price, market cap, total number of bitcoins, reward per block, and more.

Bitcoin Tool of the Week : Each show I’ll give you a tool from the toolcrib to help you use Bitcoin. Websites, books, TV shows… they’re all in there.

Bio: I’m Paul Douglas Boyer and I have an MSEE from The Johns Hopkins University. I bought my first bitcoins in 2012 by filling out a form online through Bitinstant and ZipZap, taking it to CVS pharmacy, calling Western Union, getting a code, paying CVS, then logging back in. Glad I did! I previously achieved the CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) credential, but gave it up when they wanted me to pay for next year’s credential. Kinda like going to college and them asking you for money every year to keep your degree??? Anyway, I have experience in information system security consulting. I also have practical experience setting up corporate PKI systems. And ten years ago for an internal research and development project I wrote an end-to-end browser-based encrypted email solution. Wow, I wish my company would have kept the fire lit under that one!

Remember : It takes money to make money and it takes Bitcoin to make a Mad Money Machine!


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Email me at (bitcoin AT

Twitter: @MadMoneyMachine

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Top 10 Investing Podcast – US News & World Report

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Listener from England from the MMM Survey:

Your podcast is excellent. I have listened to lots of different podcasts but rarely stay with a podcast for long. Your and the other 2 I mentioned (Joel Osteen and the Santa Barbara Theatre of the Air) are the only ones I have gone back to the beginning and listened to all the shows. I really appreciate the time you spend on this. It must be a great deal of time so a BIG THANKS.

David emails:

Just discovered your podcast and really like it.  You do a really excellent job. You are also the first person who’s made sense with investing advice–hedging your risks with index funds.  I mean, it seems like so much work, and so much risk, to try to pick individual stocks.

Fernando from Mountain View, CA emails:

I subscribed to your podcast in late March, just after getting an iPod Touch and aiming to subscribe to “Mad Money”, “Cramer” and “Business” related podcasts.
Fortunately it took me only a couple of shows of yours to realize what I had been yearning for!  You had it all so well communicated! I have been so entertained and informed by your podcast that I am actively marketing your website to my friends and co-workers.
Many of us are active investors and I do not think anyone of us is getting far with our stock picking and timing pretenses. I have filled out both your survey and that of IFA.  Even one of their representatives, Brad von Grote, contacted me and we chatted for a long time.  He indeed recognized you and of course liked you very much.
I have been so addicted to your shows that I have even downloaded all the MP3’s that I could from your website except a few of them that are unreachable as such.  I heard those directly from the website but I wonder if without much effort you could enable your future fans to get those missing MP3’s?   🙂

Richard from New York emails:

Love the podcast! You converted me from an active investor to a passive one, and boy am i so happy about it these days. i was barely keeping up before, but now i know i am actually doing better than most investors… mostly.

Tom from Oxford Ohio emails:

Congratulations on reaching such an impressive milestone — 100 podcasts of the Mad Money Machine! Your shows have been a delight to listen to; professionally produced and very informative.
But even more important, I want to thank you for helping to clarify the path to successful investing. That is the real achievement of the Mad Money Machine.  You have helped educate investors in their all important quest to obtain financial independence.  In the process, you have given me the motivation to read and analyze much of the significant academic research on investing.   As a result, I have completely revised my approach from that of a trader trying to find the next great stock, to that of long-term investor with a portfolio suited to my risk capacity.
You are providing a very important service for those willing to listen.  For that I am deeply grateful.


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Thanks for listening! Join us again next time for more of Paul  Boyer’s Mad Money Machine.