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MMM-088: Lots of Books

So many books. Win Cramer’s new book here. What causes inflation? Is it Federal? Liberty Dollar and Microsoft Points. Congress votes to spend MY money. A nifty Tool for 2008. Our Guru says make it flat.

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  • This is the best fiction I’ve read in a long time: This Perfect Day by recently deceased Ira Levin. Where has this book been and why hasn’t Spielberg made it into a movie yet?
  • Other Books on my nightstand:
  • Jim Cramer’s Stay Mad for Life
  • Freedomnomics by John R. Lott, Jr. This is a good quick read correcting everything we’ve been wrong about.
  • Discover Your Inner Economist by Tyler Cowen
  • The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford
  • The Constitution in Exile by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
  • A Foreign Policyof Freedom by Ron Paul
  • The End of America by Naomi Wolf
  • The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • And I’m enjoying listening to Bruce Springsteen’s new album Magic. I play a snippet of “Last to Die”.
  • I used to think inflation was just a natural phenomenon. Turns out, it is due to adding money to the money supply by the Federal Reserve Bank. Did you know that the Fed is no more “Federal” than Federal Express?
  • I talk a little more about the Liberty Dollar. I don’t like it when websites say “If you act by [insert today’s date] you’ll get a special price.” A little cheesy. Why are the feds so upset? Maybe those Liberty dollars look too much like US dollars. Or maybe they don’t want Ron Paul coins being given out as tips all over New Hampshire and Iowa. But at least Liberty Dollars actually contain precious metal content, not just zinc.
  • I understand why Microsoft uses Microsoft Points.
  • Farrell vs. Cramer.
  • Only one Congressman voted not to spend MY money to give Rosa Parks a medal. Keep a watch out for the BLIMP!
  • Don’t we have enough books, movies, and podcasts by now?
  • As I stated previously, I didn’t like the debate format. Let Digg pick the questions!
  • Our Tool this week may help you in your Decision 2008.
  • Our Guru wants to make things flatter.
  • I talk with Mark Hebner of Index Funds Advisors about Step 11: Risk Exposure. Once you’ve figured out your Risk Capacity, then you need to figure out how to invest at that risk level. Mark shows us how.
  • Jim’s book is different from anything else he’s done. Is he going to start talking about this kind of stuff on his show?!?
  • A caller from Vancouver tells about his Excel spreadsheet system for keeping track of his investments.
  • Win a copy of the 4-CD Set entitled “An Audio Journey to Tradeless Nirvana” by making a comment about this show in iTunes.
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  1. ravjim December 5 2007 @ 11:26 am

    While all this political talk is interesting, there is more to government than just a stock market and the value of one’s checking account. The wealth of a country has to be measured not just in terms of how the investors are doing but also how all the citizens of a country find a “more perfect union.”

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  1. Triple Hash December 3 2007 @ 10:59 pm