Mad Money Machine

by Paul Douglas Boyer

12 Steps for Active Investors

My musical interpretation of Index Funds: A 12 Step Program for Active Investors.

Copyright (c) 2006 IFA Publishing, Irvine CA

All music from the Podsafe Music Network at and

All 12 Steps in One Program:
Download 12_Steps_-_ALL

– OR – get each of the 12 steps separately…

Step 1: Active Investors
Download 12 Steps – 01.mp3
Music for Step 1 and all other steps: Rescue Me – Zach and Sarah website:

Step 2: Nobel Laureates
Download 12 Steps – 02.mp3
Music: Always Wanna Be On Top John Zielman and the Selves website:

Step 3: Stock Pickers
Download 12 Steps – 03.mp3
Music: Babbling of Fools John Zielman and the Selves website:

Step 4: Time Pickers
Download 12 Steps – 04.mp3
Music: Don’t Scream Stereo Suite website:

Step 5: Manager Pickers
Download 12 Steps – 05.mp3
Music: Lucky Days — Naked Gun website:

Step 6: Style Drifters
Download 12 Steps – 06.mp3
Music: Under New Management – theVoyeurs website:

Step 7: Silent Partners
Download 12 Steps – 07.mp3
Music: Silent War – di sheldon website:

Step 8: Riskese
Download 12 Steps – 08.mp3
Music: Rollercoaster Ride – Carol Camille website:

Step 9: History
Download 12 Steps – 09.mp3
Music: Hope In My History – Friction Bailey website:

Step 10: Risk Capacity
Download 12 Steps – 10.mp3
Music: No Chances – Turtlebox website:

Step 11: Risk Exposure
Download 12 Steps – 11.mp3
Music: Awakening – Anne Davis website:

Step 12: Invest and Relax
Download 12 Steps – 12.mp3
Music: What In The World – di sheldon website:

The subject matter in the 12-Step Program for Active Investors is used with the permission of IFA Publishing, Inc. and can be found in Mark Hebner’s book: Index Funds: The 12-Step Program for Active Investors (available at and on the Index Funds Advisors web site, Sources, disclosures, and data supporting statements can be found at