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Upton Sinclair’s Advice for Improving Your 401(k) Returns

Here’s a video I put together quickly around IFA’s Quote of the Week 79. Upton Sinclair’s quote is, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” The quote applies to your 401(k) plan and those who make their salary upon recommending actively-managed funds.

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Bernstein Views Bernstein

At the Bogleheads 9 Reunion in Philly this past week, I had the opportunity to show Dr. Bill Bernstein the first part of the video we put together that featured Dr. Bill Bernstein’s quote.  He laughed and laughed. And he signed my copy of his book. And here is the video:

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Video Lessons: Proper Benchmarking and Alpha

How can you properly determine if your investment have met your expectations? Watch “Proper Benchmarking and Alpha” for a lesson on measuring risk against a complete set of important factors. These videos are based upon IFA’s Quote of the Week Issue #82. Part 1: Part 2:

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The Siren Songs of Active Management

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iPad Cat Teaches Investing

The latest video from MadMoneyMachine studios:

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IFA Radio Interviews John Bogle

I put the video together for this audio interview with Vanguard Group founder John Bogle. I hope you like it.

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New Video: Super Nova to Black Hole

It is truly surprising, amazing, astonishing to find out how poorly active managers do when compared to indexes. Watch this video:

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New Video: Sweet Surrender

Have a look at this video. It points out the importance of long-term data, the irrelevance of even reliable advice, the emphasis of trading by the financial media, and the wisdom of Nobel prize winners regarding investments. Oh, and don’t miss THE END-ing!

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The Value of the Right Advisor

The voice sounds familiar…

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See All Three Rounds Here

Here’s the link to see all three parts, including some that did not appear on TV, of The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and Mad Money’s Jim Cramer. I’ll discuss on show 150.

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Guru Smackdown Tonight

Yeah, Cramer v. Stewart . I’ll be watching (once my DVR has finished recording it). Thanks Barry for doing the compilation. I especially like #3.

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