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Investments for Inflationary Times (to Come?)

The Austrian economists anticipated the present crisis. Should we listen to them when it comes to their predictions about what comes next? In one voice they are saying we will experience inflation unlike we’ve seen in the USA in over 100 years. Inflation is defined as the increase in the supply of money and credit. […]

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The Randomness of Stock Returns

First look at this… Then look at this… Returns in the stock market are randomly distributed over time.

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Have We Really Lost Wealth?

With the stock market down some 40% last year, many people are asking, "Where did the money go?" Sure there are some stock market losers. But remember the winners, those who sold their stocks in October 2007? They got their money. Remember also that for every share of stock sold, there was a share of […]

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The music

Here’s the list of songs played on MMM-015 from the Podsafe Music Network at Runaway Train by Uncle Feather Echo Mover by Black Adam Cheese Grater by Chub Creek Music Race Car by EL84 Dip by Chub Creek Music Money by Theory in Motion Groove IT by Denis Kitchen

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Don’t forget tonight’s Anniversary Special

Wow, how time flies when you’re making money having fun. Tonight is the one year anniversary of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show on CNBC. Tune in at 6, 9, or 12 and find out what he has cooked up. (Probably some Bear Stew based on today’s market!) Then come back here and comment on the […]

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When investing fails, make money juggling

Put this one on my list of next possible obsessions: Taking up juggling…

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Time for some listener feedback

I’ve added a poll to the sidebar. It asks you to select the segment(s) of the Mad Money Machine show that you like. (Similar to voting for the American Idols you like.) And I’ve even added the option to say you don’t like the show. Find another pollster that will do that! Obviously, you’d needed […]

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Revisiting the Cramer Crackle

On January 25th I wrote a blog entry called “2006’s Biggest Cramer Crackle!” I was referring to (REDF). It jumped up 29% in price on the next opening day. I was actually assuming that the thing would settle back down. Glad I didn’t predict that it would because it actually is UP 60.2% FROM […]

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Feedback Skype Phone Line!

The Mad Money Machine now has a voice feedback line. If you’d like to ask a question, provide feedback, give a comment, or even promote your own podcast, simply leave a voice mail at phone number 20-mp3-4-iPod (that’s 206-734-4763). Easy number to remember, right? Think of it as 20 mp3 files 4 your iPod. Get […]

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2006’s Biggest Cramer Crackle!

Today, Wednesday (actually during yesterday’s after-hours trading) we saw one of the largest Cramer Crackles (the difference between the closing price and the opening price after a Cramer mention) since the first Mad Money episode aired. Did you get some? Cramer pumped as the Yahoo, nay the Google, of India. He mentioned it at […]

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Two Roads Diverged

The two portfolios in the Portfolio Smackdown! diverged today. The ETF portfolio suffered hits from the Asia (VPL) and Emerging Market (VWO) downturns today, -2.7% and -1.9% respectively. While the MMM Cramer 2006 portfolio rose due to strength in the energy sector. Nabors (NBR) rose 1.9% and Talisman (TLM) rose 2.37%. Bottom line: the ETFs […]

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