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New: Donate via Stealth Address

Remember I mentioned Stealth Addresses on episode 4? Well, now they are a reality (at least on Mac). Here’s my Stealth Address: SxuQMejicu5RjnYVBzueVMmdrPqbvVsZ8pHmFNALt9LHv3wEAJbhYP Here’s info on where to find the Mac Client. Simply copy my stealth address into the Mac Client. Generate a Bitcoin Address and a Nonce. Use your Bitcoin wallet to send a […]

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Video Lessons: Proper Benchmarking and Alpha

How can you properly determine if your investment have met your expectations? Watch “Proper Benchmarking and Alpha” for a lesson on measuring risk against a complete set of important factors. These videos are based upon IFA’s Quote of the Week Issue #82. Part 1: Part 2:

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Permanent Portfolio Discussion Forum

If you have any questions about Harry Browne’s Permanent Portfolio, head over to the Permanent Portfolio Discussion Forum that CraigR just started over at Experts there have studied it from all angles and can help you get it implemented yourself. And here’s the book you need to read:

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Harry Browne Investment Show Archives

I have had a number of emails from people trying to get into the Harry Browne investment radio show archives. The links at the original site appear to be down, but fortunately Craig at CrawlingRoad blog has a mirror that you can use. I’ve recently listened to all 44 investment shows and am now going […]

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The Value of the Right Advisor

The voice sounds familiar…

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Benchmarking *YOUR* Portfolio

I just remembered a web site that was a Tool many many shows ago. This tool will help you benchmark your portfolio or to test out a new portfolio. It will allow you to compare it against another benchmark and it will calculate returns, standard deviations, and also Sharpe ratios. The web site is […]

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Index Funds: The Musical!

Here’s an easy to digest journey through the 12 Step Program for Active Investors. The 12 steps span four videos. Be sure to watch all four! FOR BEST RESULTS, AFTER YOU CLICK PLAY, CLICK THE ARROW BUTTON IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT THEN SELECT "HQ" TO GET EVERY OUNCE OF INDEXING JOY FROM THESE VIDEOS!!! Steps […]

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Moving from Skype to GrandCentral Voicemail

So Skype emails me and wants another $60 for my phone number for a year. Bah! The way I figure it, this is not just the "Information Age" but the "Free Information Age." I mentioned on show 141 that I was probably not going to pay. Well, leave it to a listener to remind me […]

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NYTimes has great interactive graphic on getting back to even

Check this out. NYTimes, with its unlimited budget (ha) has gone and done my pitiful "Table of What it Takes to Get Back to Even " several times better. Theirs is an interactive graphic (in Flash no less) where you can enter what you once HAD, what you now HAVE, and your expected return rate […]

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Gift Cards

We have a stack of gift cards. Literally, a stack. I used to carry them around in my wallet so that in the event we were out and about and happened to stop at one of those stores, I’d have the card with me. But my wallet got so thick with these things that it […]

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Backup Solution? HP MediaSmart Server perhaps

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about various backup strategies. It is one of my 2009 New Year’s Resolutions, remember? Here are my requirements: OS Agnostic. Don’t want it to be tied to Mac or Windows. Want it to be able to do anything. Yet, I want it to be Apple Time Machine compatible […]

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