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It’s iPad!

Just a quick post to review the predictions I made and how well they turned out. Name: iPad (Ding!) Size: 9.7″ (Ding! I said 10″) Form Factor: Basically a large iPod Touch (Ding!) Home Button? (Ding!) Aluminum back? (Ding!) Buttons and holes: headphone (Ding), microphone (Ding), volume (Ding), mute (Ding), sleep (Ding) USB port? (Bzzzt!) […]

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Time To Talk Tablet: iTablet, iSlate, iBook, iPad

Take your pick of names but we are all awaiting the next holy product to be announced from Apple. After “The Jesus Phone” which had people literally weeping in their seats upon its unveiling, the Apple Table is set to be the next  revolutionary gadget that we didn’t realize we couldn’t live without. I have […]

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Investments for Inflationary Times (to Come?)

The Austrian economists anticipated the present crisis. Should we listen to them when it comes to their predictions about what comes next? In one voice they are saying we will experience inflation unlike we’ve seen in the USA in over 100 years. Inflation is defined as the increase in the supply of money and credit. […]

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Two Years of Decline Packed Into Five Months

This is a follow-up to my posting from last May called “Technical Analysis and Trend Following” where I compared the S&P 500’s decline from 2001-2003 to the movement from April 2006 to May 2008.  It was a thinly-veiled jab at those who were predicting a resumption of the bull market based upon a recent uptick […]

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Wed, October 15 2008 » Analysis, Blog, Predictions » No Comments

Another show to hear

Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital does a weekly show (on shortwave radio or something, but anyway). The one he did on Wednesday the 24th is a must listen. He tells it like it is. For example, “It’s not the tax payers who are on the hook for any bailout: nobody is talking about raising […]

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Cramer the Chameleon

Like a weathervane, Cramer points toward where the winds are blowing. Like a chameleon, Cramer adapts to the current environment. Like a stock picker, Cramer follows today’s trend and picks what worked. Like a cheetah, you should turn and run from his advice as fast as possible. Here’s why…   I’ve witnessed this flip-flopping so […]

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Prediction #8 Realized: One-Stop-Shop ETF

I made ten (really eleven) predictions on show MMM-092: Predicting the Future for 2008. Prediction #8 was: 8. A one-stop-shop ETF portfolio fund will appear that gives complete exposure to risk, reward, and diversification all for a low fee. It will include all of the SMILER components as well as some bonds, commodities, and even […]

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Technical Analysis and Trend Following

I have a question for you trend followers. You chart watchers. You technical traders. Have a look at this chart and tell me if it is time to buy or time to sell. Looks like the momentum is up on this baby right? Time to buy? Here’s how it worked out for you… The first […]

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Jim Rogers: Abolish the Fed

Here now for a self-fulfilling prediction: I said you’d be seeing more of Jim Rogers in 2008 as commodities and China take the headlines. Here now is Jim on CNBC the other day in an interesting (sometimes funny!) interview in which he says the Fed is doing a poor job, throwing gas on a raging […]

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Prediction 5 (and its update) Realized

Gold reached $1000/oz today, as I predicted.

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Thu, March 13 2008 » Predictions » No Comments

Where Do We Run When the Dark Clouds Come?

A tag cloud is a visual depiction that identifies the frequently-used words of an information collection. A tag cloud for 2008 might include: Sub-prime. Meltdown. Credit-crisis. Foreclosure. Term-auction. Dollar-collapse. Asset-devaluation. Inflation. Deflation. Stagflation. Recession. Depression. It would be strikingly different from that of just one year ago. Back then we were talking earnings, iPhones, and […]

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Tue, March 11 2008 » Predictions » 2 Comments