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I want some Bitcoins!

I gotta admit, I am intrigued by Bitcoin. I love gadgets as much as the next guy. I spent my early years programming computers and designing information systems. I also love the idea of friction-free money. And of a currency that is, possibly, hyper-inflation proof. The innovations in the Bitcoin realm are coming quickly. And since I […]

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iPad Cat Teaches Investing

The latest video from MadMoneyMachine studios:

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Time To Talk Tablet: iTablet, iSlate, iBook, iPad

Take your pick of names but we are all awaiting the next holy product to be announced from Apple. After “The Jesus Phone” which had people literally weeping in their seats upon its unveiling, the Apple Table is set to be the next  revolutionary gadget that we didn’t realize we couldn’t live without. I have […]

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See All Three Rounds Here

Here’s the link to see all three parts, including some that did not appear on TV, of The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and Mad Money’s Jim Cramer. I’ll discuss on show 150.

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Guru Smackdown Tonight

Yeah, Cramer v. Stewart . I’ll be watching (once my DVR has finished recording it). Thanks Barry for doing the compilation. I especially like #3.

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Kindle 2 Announced. Should you buy?

Amazon announced the upgrade to their Kindle ebook reading device today. Get in line to buy one if you want. I just sold my old one yesterday. I will probably not be buying the new one because I think for $359 I can buy a heck of a lot of books. Or I can buy […]

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Index Funds: The Musical!

Here’s an easy to digest journey through the 12 Step Program for Active Investors. The 12 steps span four videos. Be sure to watch all four! FOR BEST RESULTS, AFTER YOU CLICK PLAY, CLICK THE ARROW BUTTON IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT THEN SELECT "HQ" TO GET EVERY OUNCE OF INDEXING JOY FROM THESE VIDEOS!!! Steps […]

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It’s Groundhog Day, Again.

We just finished watching our favorite movie. Again. Every year on February 2nd we try to set aside some time to watch Groundhog Day. Again and again. When I say favorite, I mean our number one pick of all movies. The only other movie we watch multiple times would be some version of Charles Dickens’ […]

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The Day the Market Fell

The Day the Market Fell. Good music for your Saturday… From BLUE YORK by John thomas Oaks and Grand Central Music and Lyrics by John thomas Oaks Featuring Tim Caudill — Bass, Gary "Biscuit" Davis — Banjo, Kevin Moore — Fiddle, Jeff Zona — Acoustic Guitar, Lakieta Bagwell and Jimmy Bryant — BGVs

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Grinch Movie Remake Again?

Check out IFA Quote of the Week Issue #44 where they speculate that Hollywood may remake How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Bernie Madoff in the lead role: (Click bottom right corner to watch in HD)

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