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See All Three Rounds Here

Here’s the link to see all three parts, including some that did not appear on TV, of The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and Mad Money’s Jim Cramer. I’ll discuss on show 150.

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Guru Smackdown Tonight

Yeah, Cramer v. Stewart . I’ll be watching (once my DVR has finished recording it). Thanks Barry for doing the compilation. I especially like #3.

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Cramer says SKF doesn’t work right. Is he right?

On Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show on Monday February 23rd, Jim said about SKF , the 2X UltraShort Financials ETF: "…they don’t even perform as expected. The index the SKF tracks is down 14% over the past three months, so you’d figure an ETF that double or triple shorts that index would offer great returns, […]

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Bet Against Cramer, Make Money

Barrons continues their analysis of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money stock recommendations. Bottom line is that their analysis confirms what I learned by experience back in 2006: Cramer’s stock picks are worse than just buying and holding index funds. They actually suggest that buying short-term in-the-money puts on Jim’s recommendations can make you money. They say, […]

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Cramer Took the Risk Capacity Survey?

Today, Jim Cramer said that investors who need money within the next five years should not invest in stocks. Way to go Jimbo! You must have just taken the Risk Capacity Survey and gotten an Index Portfolio 5 or 10 for these folks. Yes indeed, if investors need money soon, either to buy a house or pay […]

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Mon, October 6 2008 » Blog, Cramer » No Comments

Cramer Apologizes for Apologizing

Also on last night’s Mad Money, Jim Cramer apologized for apologizing on Monday for recommending Wachovia. Confused? Apparently so is Jim. Two weeks ago he had Wachovia CEO Steel on his show. Steel talked completely positively about his bank. Cramer went along. Then when the FDIC fed Wachovia to Citigroup last week, Cramer apologized for […]

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Cramer: I Invest in Index Funds

Abby, a caller into Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show last night, asked whether now is a good time to be in index funds or to get out. Jim replied that he gives one-twelfth per month into his 401(k) and his daughters’ uniform gift to minors. “I don’t sit there and say, ‘Well wait a second, […]

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Cramer Apologizes for Recommending Wachovia Days Ago

Did you see Jim Cramer on Mad Money yesterday? He apologized for having the CEO of Wachovia bank on his show and then recommending we buy the stock. If you bought it, you would have lost something like 80 or 90% of your investment. Check out the full story at Huffingtonpost.

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