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It is Official. MMM Won!

Was notified earlier today that Mad Money Machine did indeed win the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Podcast Contest!  Thank YOU so much everyone that listened and voted. Judging by the high quality of the other contestants, it is a real honor to be voted the winner. I spoke with Adam shortly. He congratulated me, said they [...]

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WOW! I Think MMM Just Won!

It is certainly an early morning here in the Bitcoin Bunker and the blockchain hath no secrets. The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Podcast Contest just ended at 12:00 midnight PST, which is 3AM here on the east coast. It looks like Mad Money Machine will come out the winner.  Even though two other shows are indicating [...]

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I Pledge to Not Vote Myself the Prize

Less than 40 hours to go: The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Podcast Competition ends 3AM EST this Sunday. I’m proud to say that, at the moment, Mad Money Machine leads both in total amount (113.6 mBTC) and total number of transactions (46). But the margin of lead over the next-highest show is only 2 mBTC. That’s [...]

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Here’s where I’ve been: Writing a Book!

  I’ve been writing a book since last September, and it will be available for purchase on September 17, 2012. It is called “The Original Counter-Argument.” And for the subtitle you’ll need to inhale some air: “The Founders’ Case Against the Constitution and Warnings of Despotism, Adapted for the 21st Century.” Quick synopsis: I’ve taken the [...]

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Mon, May 14 2012 » Announcements, Blog » Comments Off

Lazy Portfolio Analysis

This is the home of the Mad Money Machine Lazy Portfolio Analysis. The following table shows the returns of the Lazy Portfolios from the “Investment Professionals.” They are sorted by 5-year returns ending 2011. To see the contents of each portfolio, search for the portfolio name on this page. And now a different look at [...]

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Tue, February 28 2012 » Analysis, Announcements, Blog, Portfolio Smackdown » Comments Off

I want some Bitcoins!

I gotta admit, I am intrigued by Bitcoin. I love gadgets as much as the next guy. I spent my early years programming computers and designing information systems. I also love the idea of friction-free money. And of a currency that is, possibly, hyper-inflation proof. The innovations in the Bitcoin realm are coming quickly. And since I [...]

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Thu, October 27 2011 » Announcements, Blog, Fun » Comments Off

Errata: Larimore Portfolios

I just received word that the Taylor Larimore 3 Fund and 4 Fund lazy portfolios that I have listed on this site are in error. There should only be a 3 Fund portfolio comprised of the following (and the %’s vary for individual investors): 40% Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSMX) 20% Vanguard Total [...]

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A (slightly) Longer Term View

Whoosh, getting whipsawed in 2011. Let’s step back and take a slightly longer term view of the performances of the Lazy Portfolios. (Caution, none of these portfolios were rebalanced!) One thing that is particularly striking is that PRPFX took a much sharper dip so far in September than the pure Harry Browne 4xETF portfolios.  I [...]

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Subscribe to the Crawling Road Money Show Podcast

Craig at has just released episode one of a new podcast that talks about the Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio. I encourage you to subscribe to it in iTunes and listen to every episode he puts forward in the future. It is going to be great. Use this link to subscribe in iTunes (copy and [...]

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Hey folks, I’m still here. Been doing a lot of golfing, amusement park going, beach combing, etc. I love summer and hot weather and don’t want to waste it by being indoors. This is just a ping to let you know everything is fine and that you can expect a show 161 probably next week. [...]

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Wed, June 24 2009 » Announcements, Blog » Comments Off

Lazy Portfolio Smackdown 2008 Winners Announced

I have updated the Lazy Portfolio Smackdown page to show the preliminary results for 2008. Note that after a few weeks the results will be updated once again after Yahoo! gets their dividend data included in the historical quotes for each fund. I do not think that the dividend data will alter the results though. [...]

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Sun, January 4 2009 » Announcements, Blog, Portfolio Smackdown » No Comments