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Lazy Portfolio Analysis

This is the home of the Mad Money Machine Lazy Portfolio Analysis. The following table shows the returns of the Lazy Portfolios from the “Investment Professionals.” They are sorted by 5-year returns ending 2011. To see the contents of each portfolio, search for the portfolio name on this page. And now a different look at […]

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Lazy Portfolio Results, With Dividends

The dividend results are in, and I’ve updated the numbers, graphs, and tables. Not much change in the relative performance of the portfolios, but the year-end percentages did rise. And here is the table:  

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2011 Lazy Portfolio Results (Preliminary)

Another year bites the dust and Harry Browne once again wins. Here are the Lazy Portfolio Smackdown results for 2011. Note: these numbers are preliminary because mutual fund dividends have not yet been reported. So those lazy portfolios that hold mutual funds that pay dividends in mid to late December will probably end up about […]

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Lazy Portfolios YTD Thru October

How do ya like ridin’ the roller coaster?  I prefer the Slow Train Comin’. Looks like the Permanent Portfolios are still victorious. Two months to go!     And for your tabular view:

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Updated Taylor Larimore 3 Fund Lazy Portfolio Results

The Lazy Portfolio by Taylor Larimore with just three funds had the following performance, ending 30 Sept 2011: 1-mo: -5.2% 2-mo: -8.3% YTD: -5.2% Since 12/31/09: 5.4%

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Errata: Larimore Portfolios

I just received word that the Taylor Larimore 3 Fund and 4 Fund lazy portfolios that I have listed on this site are in error. There should only be a 3 Fund portfolio comprised of the following (and the %’s vary for individual investors): 40% Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSMX) 20% Vanguard Total […]

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It was an ugly September

Here’s your monthly Lazy Portfolios update (not that you’re watching that often). click for full-size ugly graphology Let’s look at 1 and 2 month returns just for fun, ok? First, returns for September 2011: Next, returns for August and September 2011 combined: Ouch Rick Ferri! I think it was this time last year when I […]

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Spotting the Other Lazy Portfolios a Few Points

One-twelfth of 2011 is already behind us and it appears that the Permanent Portfolios have decided to give the other Lazy Portfolios a head start on the year. Said another way: The Permanent Portfolios are ON SALE! Here is the table of returns through January. ID# Portfolio Name YTD Return P16 Vanguard Windsor 3.1% P21 […]

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Simba’s Spreadsheet is Updated for 2010

For those of us who love to back-test different lazy portfolios, today we can spend our snow day using Simba’s spreadsheet, newly updated with 2010 returns. I forgot that his comparison page only goes back to 1985 and that I was the one who modified the page to go back to 1972. Guess I’ve got […]

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Comparing Gold ETFs

In the FWIW category, here is a chart comparing the annual performance of select Gold ETFs. What’s up with GTU?     The fund expense ratios (according to except GTU* ) are as follows: GLD: 0.40% IAU: 0.25% GTU: 0.38%* SGOL: 0.39% DGL: .75% UBG: 0.30%

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Lazy Portfolios 2010 Year-End Wrap-Up

As we flip our calendars over to 2011 (or reuse our 1994 calendars), it is time to reflect upon how the various Lazy Portfolios performed for calendar year 2010. See the chart below that shows the cumulative monthly returns and the summary table of 2010 returns. The lazy portfolio that had the highest returns for […]

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