Hacked By IDBTE4M ID

Hacked By IDBTE4M ID

MMM Season 2 to offer Supporter Slots on the Show

I have gotten a lot of feedback from you saying you lament the end of Season 1. Many of you have also said you wished that there were some way to support the show to keep it going strong. I have figured out one possible way: I created a BitPay catalog item that allows you to support the show and have up to 4 lines of your text read on the show, plus your name and city. Simply click on this link (or the donate button at the right side of the page)


It will take you to the BitPay checkout page that will allow you to enter as many increments of 0.1 bitcoins as you can donate, enter your name, city, email, and up to 4 lines of text that I will read on the next episode of the show.  If your text does not fit into four lines, enter a URL where I can pull the text or email it to me. It can be just about anything you like: birthday or anniversary shout-outs, pointers to something you like, your web site, a request for me to say or do something, or even a short advertisement (longer advertisements should be quantity several).

Before I start Season 2, I will see how well the support has come in and hopefully enable me to continue to produce your Mad Money Machine. I’m eager to get going. Let’s get it started.

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Wed, April 23 2014 » Announcements, Bitcoin, Blog