Hacked By IDBTE4M ID

Hacked By IDBTE4M ID

MMM #9: Empty Gox

MMM 2014-01-15

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum walk into a bar
  • MT Gox’s woes
  • Empty Gox (Sung to the tune Rocky Top)
  • Tool: ZeroBlock for iPhone and Android
  • Altcoin of the Week: Dogecoin
  • My Dogecoin address: DMyJc3mpBPEjkDiXkYVYKv1XntZQoS7zfU
  • Benjamin Lawsky’s AMA
  • Tax on Airline miles?
  • Bitcoin Fundamentals: BIP 0038 Encryption
  • Satoshi’s Corner: Read section 1: Introduction
  • Mad Money Machine Call-In 571-366-7121
  • Watch out for StealthBit app for mac. Removal Instructions
  • PayPal wallet for Bitcoin?
  • Guru: Winklevii
  • Erin Ade on RT talks Money Laundering
  • Bitpay implements Payment Protocol BIP 70-73
  • Merchant of the week: Little Olive Tree
  • Market Minute

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