Hacked By IDBTE4M ID

Hacked By IDBTE4M ID

I Pledge to Not Vote Myself the Prize

Less than 40 hours to go: The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Podcast Competition ends 3AM EST this Sunday. I’m proud to say that, at the moment, Mad Money Machine leads both in total amount (113.6 mBTC) and total number of transactions (46). But the margin of lead over the next-highest show is only 2 mBTC. That’s too close!

The winning podcast will be determined by the total amount of mBTC received for that show, not the total number of people voting. Please help push MMM far in the lead with a generous donation now. Don’t wait. MMM needs to win this thing to continue.

Adam B. Levine of Let’s Talk Bitcoin wanted to structure the contest to discourage contestants from voting themselves the prize. I PLEDGE TO NOT VOTE MYSELF THE PRIZE.* Thus, I need your support!!!

I urge other contestants to take the same pledge. Let’s leave this up to the listeners to decide!

I will not send any of my own funds to the contest in order to support Adam’s ideals and to keep my pledge. I previously received a 24.54048 mBTC donation to my account to forward to the contest, which I will do right now.

If you have not heard my pilot episode entry into the contest, click the link above.  I have produced another episode since then to help give you more of a flavor of what is to come.  I am in the middle of producing another episode that I think you will REALLY like!

One listen and you will agree: The Mad Money Machine is unlike any other Bitcoin podcast out there. Your support is needed. Don’t wait.

[*Disclaimer: I have previously sent in a total of 0.3 mBTC as a vote for myself. I hope you will agree that this is not “voting myself the prize.” ]


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Fri, January 10 2014 » Announcements, Bitcoin, Blog