Hacked By IDBTE4M ID

Hacked By IDBTE4M ID

A (slightly) Longer Term View

Whoosh, getting whipsawed in 2011. Let’s step back and take a slightly longer term view of the performances of the Lazy Portfolios. (Caution, none of these portfolios were rebalanced!)

Lazy Portfolios 2010-2011

One thing that is particularly striking is that PRPFX took a much sharper dip so far in September than the pure Harry Browne 4xETF portfolios.  I suspect this is partly due to the fact that PRPFX owns some silver (down very sharply) and also some foreign currencies (down due to rising dollar).

Me still likey the Permanent Portfolio, even though what was once up about 12% for 2011 is now up (only) 6.5%.

Biggest Losers on the chart (caution, not rebalanced) were Dilbert (-1.9%) and Vanguard Windsor (-1.5%), and MMM Do It Yourself Funds (-0.7%). Glad I got out of that idea.

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