Hacked By IDBTE4M ID

Hacked By IDBTE4M ID

It’s iPad!

Just a quick post to review the predictions I made and how well they turned out.

  • Name: iPad (Ding!)
  • Size: 9.7″ (Ding! I said 10″)
  • Form Factor: Basically a large iPod Touch (Ding!)
  • Home Button? (Ding!)
  • Aluminum back? (Ding!)
  • Buttons and holes: headphone (Ding), microphone (Ding), volume (Ding), mute (Ding), sleep (Ding)
  • USB port? (Bzzzt!) Only has Apple dock. But that serves to connect to your computer. And it does have adapters for cameras.
  • Orientation: (Ding! Both portrait and landscape)
  • WiFi (Ding)
  • Internet connectivity: (Ding? 3G is optional. Nice surprise that it is easy to get 250MB/mo for $14.95)
  • Won’t have a phone (Ding!)
  • Software: (“It will be like an iPhone with some iWork apps available for download” DING! DING!) It actually runs iPhone apps like I expected.
  • Books: (“They will probably start selling books through iTunes.” DING! DING!)
  • GPS and big maps (DING!)
  • Cameras: (BZZZZZT!) Not three, not two, not even one camera. Maybe version 2?
  • Cost? I said $899 dropping to $699. I assumed it would have a 3G card installed. Their price for 3G? $629 to $829. Plus you want to buy the keyboard, case, and adapters. So I give myself a DING! for the price as well.

So I think I got most everything right. Big misses on cameras and USB port. Bottom line is that the iPad is pretty much exactly what I pictured it to be in my mind. I will own one (or more).

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Wed, January 27 2010 » Blog, Predictions, Reviews