Hacked By IDBTE4M ID

Hacked By IDBTE4M ID

Cramer says SKF doesn’t work right. Is he right?

On Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show on Monday February 23rd, Jim said about SKF , the 2X UltraShort Financials ETF:

"…they don’t even perform as expected. The index the SKF tracks is down 14% over the past three months, so you’d figure an ETF that double or triple shorts that index would offer great returns, right? Wrong. The SKF is down 28% over the same time period.

I took a quick calculation of XLF vs SKF to see if he is right. I brought weekly historical quotes from Yahoo finance into a spreadsheet, inverted the SKF’s weekly returns and divided by two and charted it. Here’s the chart, you decide if he’s right.

XLF vs Inverse SKF/2

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Wed, February 25 2009 » Analysis, Blog, Cramer