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Cramer says SKF doesn’t work right. Is he right?

On Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show on Monday February 23rd, Jim said about SKF , the 2X UltraShort Financials ETF:

"…they don’t even perform as expected. The index the SKF tracks is down 14% over the past three months, so you’d figure an ETF that double or triple shorts that index would offer great returns, right? Wrong. The SKF is down 28% over the same time period.

I took a quick calculation of XLF vs SKF to see if he is right. I brought weekly historical quotes from Yahoo finance into a spreadsheet, inverted the SKF’s weekly returns and divided by two and charted it. Here’s the chart, you decide if he’s right.

XLF vs Inverse SKF/2

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Wed, February 25 2009 » Analysis, Blog, Cramer