Mad Money Machine

by Paul Douglas Boyer

MMM-146: Back in Time

Sold my Kindle. We hid a Geocache. MM on iTunes. Cramer likes index funds. Take the IFA Challenge. Check out the backtest your portfolio spreadsheet. Gold. Tom Woods. Avoid capital gains? Listener emails. Peter Schiff vs. Mish.

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MMM-146 Topics in this week’s show include:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:12 Portal – Back in the Day
  • 04:10 – Sold my Kindle 1.0
  • 07:19 Geocaching. Go find the one we hid .
  • 10:31 Watch the whole show Mad Money now on iTunes.
  • 11:54 Help others find the Mad Money Machine podcast
  • 12:28 Cramer likes index funds. FXI and Utility indexes. He says picking individual stocks in these sec
  • 13:22 Take the IFA Challenge! Go to, send them your past several years of portfolio returns. They will compare the risk and return of your portfolio against theirs.
  • 15:21 Check out the backtest portfolio tool at Google Spreadsheets.
  • 19:00 TOOL: Try on your portfolio.
  • 21:33 Backtested the Harry Browne portfolio.
  • 24:00 Gold. Anyone know anything about the GTU fund?
  • 25:10 GURU: Thomas E. Woods has a new book: Meltdown . Read it and weep.
  • 28:32 LEARNING EARNING: IFA Investment Principles # 7: Avoid capital gains and dividends and realize losses in taxable accounts.
  • 32:03 David wonders what investment will be low-risk.
  • 32:52 Peter Schiff vs. Mish
  • 34:53 Back to David’s question
  • 36:52 is the place to get your investment questions answered
  • 37:18 Jon figures out where the interest went.
  • 39:15 Twitter and TweetDeck.
  • 40:56 Stan points me to Hans Herman-Hoppe’s article The Misean Case Against Keynes
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